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Channel Letters

Channel letters can be formed or fabricated three-dimensional, individually illuminated letters or graphics. Channel letters are comprised of U-shaped metal channels into which neon glass is installed. We offer three different types of channel letters.
Standard channel letters have a U-channel base with a colored Plexiglas face. The standard channel letters are fully customizable to your liking.
Reverse channel letters have metal faces and sides, but a clear plastic backing. Mounted an inch or two away from the wall, at night these letters create a halo-lit effect. The reverse channel letters are eye-catching!
Open face channel letters have a clear plastic face that exposes the letter’s raw neon. This is a great sign option for signs due to its brightness and classic look. Most companies with dedicated retail outlets, restaurants, or warehouses have channel letter signs.
No matter what your preferences are, A-ACE Sign Co. has the channel letters for you. We’ll work with you to create a custom sign option that’s perfect for your business.
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